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My aspiration is to become a responsible agent of the news media and deliver a holistic take on the happenings of the world. Media is a powerful force in today’s technologically complex world and this will only continue to grow further.

I have acquired a basic understanding of Journalism and now intend to obtain in-depth knowledge so as to become a responsible, balanced and mature agent of the news media. I have a growing interest in data journalism and visualisation. The reason being,
data adds credibility and substance to journalism, and also helps identify stories that one may have otherwise not noticed. 

I believe that the echo chambers provided by the media often lead to a misinformed public engaging in redundant debates. While I realise that it is far too idealistic of me to assume that I can change the world, I am unable to sit back and not contribute my bit. From this, stems my desire to provide various takes on the same story. In my opinion, the lack of exploration in the news media is its failing point. I hope to combat this someday as an entrepreneur with a news portal of my own. 



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